Just another Monday…

And my view from its evening. 😎


This is looking south from my neighborhood,  about 9pm last night.   Was a real Pain to get a good pic where the mountains showed… and this is only half as bright and clear as they really were.

It wasn’t that dark on the road either… I had to run the exposure down 1.5 points to get the mountains to show.  The 16 MP phone camera is Great, I love it!  Except it can be a little lacking when you need more than a 1/4″ lense to gather light, and a mechanical zoom 😉 

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2 thoughts on “Just another Monday…

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Nice shot!

    • Thanks! I’ve taken several shots of that mountain over the years, and I think this is by far the best yet. Sometime I need to try to find out the name of that peak… it’s amazing how many of them have names, I’m sure that one will too.

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