Someone likes me…

I just don’t know who…

Checking my mail two days ago, found a Popular Mechanics magazine!?


Surprised, I checked the Addy on it thinking it was in the wrong box… Nope, got my name on it. Tag says it’s a subscription good to Feb ’17.

So, some kind soul has anonymously gifted me a years sub to PM! :o😎🙌

Dad used to get it a lot, but we got burnt out on the increase in politics, and 90% advertising… they’ve cut back since then(6 or 7 years ago?) though it seems!  The mag is a lot thinner, but filled with articles not advertising…

I started to flip through it, and found myself reading half of it, engrossed for over an hour. Think I’ll enjoy getting it! Just wish I knew who to thank! 😯

Now, this gets stranger; that first issue was the April edition. Yup, I said the first one… The next day, I got another one! This time the March issue!! 


Sometimes, life is SO strange!

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One thought on “Someone likes me…

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Wow! That was nice of someone.

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