New toy from a while back..


Pretty sure I hadn’t posted about this yet. It’s a compass, small, about 1″ in diameter brass cased. It came in a hand made leather case, with neck strap.

I won it in a random drawing giveaway on Instagram in early March!

Now, it turned out that only about 10 people had entered,  so the odds weren’t extravagant,  but still! 😉

The compass is small, but high quality, made in the USA by Tru-Nord. I’d looked at these before, and thought they were rather spendy, but now I see, actually well worth it.

Shown with my leather clad brass spy glass made by Celestron. They seemed a perfect match, a real old world exploration feel. (Especially since I’ve been reading a lot of novels set in the early 1600s!) 😎

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