How much money?


How much, in USD, would you guess is in this bottle full of quarters?

First right guess(or the closest) gets a freebie from the shop… maybe a bead, maybe a knife, or something else… Haven’t decided yet. Whatever it is, I assure you it will be handmade, custom, and likely one of a kind  metal, or mostly metal Adventure Metal Works coolness.  😆

Let’s run this a week… winner picked/announced noon AKST (That’s 4 PM EST) Sunday April 17th. Will choose first right or closest answer by time stamp. Contest also posted on Instagram, and Edc Community forums. Please only one entry per person! 😎

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One thought on “How much money?

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Suzy says $25.
    I say $22.
    Charlotte says $9.
    Maddie says $10.
    The cat says, and I quote, “as many as are in there.” -with a duh look on her face.

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