Again… 😉

Last fall I lost my faithful friend, my jw_knives Bandicoot 2.5 ti… Within a few weeks, I had secured another one off the BST at edc forums . A week later,  I found the first one!  About a month ago, I lost one again…
(Yes, I apparently need to work on how I carry them! )

Was seriously considering g trying to locate another one again, to still have a backup… then;

Found it again last night!

  These things are SO handy to have! Gotta tell ya, if you do ANYTHING hands on in your life… like, living in any way 😉 you should really look into a pocket pry bar of some kind, and I can’t recommend j woytaz knives enough, especially these bandicoots in titanium.

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One thought on “Found!

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Great find! (Again…..) 😉

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