Darth Vader’s voice and why imperial stormtroopers can’t shoot straight – YouTube


(Yes, I could embed the video, but I have absolutely no idea how to do it in this app… Just live with it, and take another 3 seconds from your life, I  doubt you’ll miss them, and click the bloody link;)😛)

Lol, well, there’s That explained, finally! ;)😂

I found this guy for something completely unrelated,  but just had to share this, it’s so funny!  Yet… Really rather plausable. And amazingly, the voice techniques sounded good!

The guy is a bit odd… Especially if your overly American… But his vids are good,  some really valid, and entertaining points on most things.

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2 thoughts on “Darth Vader’s voice and why imperial stormtroopers can’t shoot straight – YouTube

  1. I like the end of the video, where you can test a hero by shooting at him. If you miss, or only wound him in the left shoulder or right thigh, he is a hero. If you kill him, he was not a hero….. 😛

    • yeah, it makes you think, how many movies where the hero has actually been shot in the left shoulder! Right thigh I can’t remember many, but I instantly thought of a few with left shoulder hits… lol.

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