Couple new little projects..


Recently started making a few of these little 7″ pocket fixed blades, one for me, and 3 for friends.  3/32″ 1095 high carbon steel, will have probably copper or brass pins,  and various handle materials.

And, this week I got a new project pocket knife. It’s an old Schrade USA stockman .


Was helping a buddy clean up some tools in his shop and yard,  and found this in with some tools he’d had in a truck box that leaked.

He said I could have it if I thought I could do anything with it… Naturally I said Sure! ;)😎

Gonna give it the spa treatment soon. Shown with my Case 4.125″ slim trapper for scale.

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2 thoughts on “Couple new little projects..

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Looks like it needs some cola, er, I mean, rust remover…..

    • I would do that, but I want some knife left to use… thinking I’ll go with something Less caustic than Coke… like ATF, or Gasoline… or Hydrochloric acid , even that is weaker than Coke 😉

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