An interesting event the other night..

I think I need to change the belts on my trucks more often… Opened the hood the other night to add power steering fluid while in town (it leaks… bad..) and found this;


And, then this, the other one, completely off, laying on top of the engine… Not good!


I was blessed though,  to find that before the battery went dead (one that was completely off is for the alternator ) and even more so,  before the other broke leaving me with no cooling..

I limped it home slowly at that point. By God’s grace, I made it without losing the second one!

Spent the next day sorting some belts that a friend gave me a couple summers ago,


And managed to find 2 to fit the fan/power steering, one to go on and a spare. Had to go steal one off of my broke down mud truck to get the alternator belt.  

I’d call that a win though; Crisis avoided, and a no investment fix!

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One thought on “An interesting event the other night..

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Wheew! Close one…..

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