A favorite knife sheath, for several knives!


Never ceases to amaze me how versatile this custom buckaroo style pocket knife #sheath is!

The style usually only holds a folding knife, and it suspends it in you pocket, a design developed and used by Southwest working cowboys in the early half of the last century. 

This one was custom made for me to carry a Case split back whittler, and a custom pen I’d made, by a great craftsman by the name of Karel Koci, from the CZ republic (IIRC, it’s been a while).
A wonderful, generous, kind man, a pastor, a knife maker, leather worker,  and craftsman of the highest degree…
I have unfortunately lost touch with him, the forums we were both on having disappeared from the Web several years ago..

Even having been made for a couple specific items, it always fits 90% of the knives I want to carry in it, not only holding them, but securely too!  Love it!

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One thought on “A favorite knife sheath, for several knives!

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    You never know, you might cyber bump into him someday!

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