Stanley cook set first use/test, and combination setup update.

That pot works great!  Some places online (BCUSA forums), some fols had noted slow boil and cook times over a stove, since the pot is tall and narrow, a low surface area on the bottom to transfer heat..   I got a rolling boil of 2 cups(16oz.) of cold water, outside at about 30F in a light wind, in 4.5 to 5 minutes!  I’d call that pretty dang fast!  Didn’t even have the stove wide open, I’d say about 3/4 throttle. (Coleman butane canister stove running on Jetboil 4 season isobutane/propane mix)  Full throttle on the stove, and summer weather should be well under 3 min… Not that I think I’d ever need it that fast, would be a terrible wast of fuel for a couple minutes gain.




So, I took some time the other day to sit out and enjoy the spring, and sunshine, and have dinner.



First time I’ve ever had a Mountain House freeze dried meal… I like it! Pretty darned tasty!

 I’m doing a long test of backpacking meals, and MREs etc, to find whats filling, tasty, and doesn’t bother my stomach. Inpreperation of putting together my menu for a 4 day river trip I have comming up in June.  (Not to mention severa shorter trips I have planned between now and then).  When I find what I like/what works ok for me individually, I’m gonna plan my menu, then eat it at home/work etc, and only it, for 4 days, maybe a week, to see how I do on it for energy, hunger, etc.

Here are a few pics of different setups I’ve been doing with the cook set and the stove, trying to find the best nexting arrangement of gear for packing and carry.


The stove in varrious forms of assembly, my Case Hobo, and my SS colapsible cup..







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One thought on “Stanley cook set first use/test, and combination setup update.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Great! I was waiting for a review of the cookware! Looks like it works good.

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