A few recent EDC setups..

Selected carry from the last couple weeks… Pretty much any day I actually thought to take a picture… 😉


A rare one for me, really minmalist out and about working, and to town…  No flashlight about drove me Nuts, and thankfully I didn’t end up needing money or an ID..




A wood cutting day, so not pictured is the 445 Husquavarna 20” chainsaw that I carried all day 😉




Vic Spirit makes a great hammer for the rataining nuts that hold the wheeps on vacuum cleaners;



From a spring church cleaning Saturday;





And to church that Sunday;




A fun outdoors day;


A saturday at a church breakfast, then out adventuring after;



A misc projects and half work day this week;




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2 thoughts on “A few recent EDC setups..

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Wow! You sure do vary your cary! I almost always cary the same stuff. Then again I almost always do the same things…..

    • Well, you will notice its always the same type of items… knife light multi(tool) lighter pen notebook watch

      I always have the same Functions, just sometimes change what exact model/item I carry… Variety is the spice of life, as they say. For the most part I can change the items based on knowing the days “plan” and what I’ll be doing, but yeah, since each day tends to be different, I get a lot of leeway on how often I change it.

      That will no doubt change in the near future, since I’ll be starting a “normal”, day in, day out, do the Same Thing Everyday, 9 to 5(actually 7 to 3/7 to 4… but its the same idea..) job soon.. Very soon. Probably won’t be rotating/changing items much then.

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