More patches!

Rest of my patches came in last Saturday.(hey, I been busy… lol  )

Gotta love when new stuff comes with Hand Written, and personal notes! Field and forest co noticed that I was inAK, and how the Wayfinder patch resembled our flag, part of the reasons. I got it. . Great patch! They have about 6 of these in various designs… one is crossed canoe paddles, one a campfire… sorta like a merit badge theme. I’ll be getting the rest of the set as I can over the summer.

Next is another compass rose design patch that I found on Etsy, this one by MTthreadz. Another really well made patch! This one is headed to the front of a leather cover I’m making for a journal I have. They had these in 3 sizes, this is the medium, at a little over 4.5″ or close to 5″ at the widest.

And last, is yet Another one I stumbled across on Etsy, this one an original design(AFAIK ) by AsildaStore . Not sure yet what I’m doing with it, might put it on my day hike pack, but it really seemed to be a nice fit for my life philosophies, and online name… So I had to have it.

All together with a Peanut for scale;


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  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Great patches!

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