Got me a new cooker…

Got me some new camp/hike/overlanding cook kit.

Was in wally world yesterday for a new cooler for fishing(note for the wise, drain the accumulated rain water out of your coolers Before winter! Else they freeze and break… ) , and for another cook kit I saw on BCUSA, when I stumbled onto this one from Stanley.

It’s a cook/boil pot in stainless, 24oz. Comes with two nesting insulated plastic 10oz. cups. Pretty sweet I thought.

Been wanting something like this for a while, to pair with my Coleman butane stove for fast easy bush coffee.


Found out last night, that the pot nests beautifully with my Camelback Chute!


I figure put a carabiner through the bottle loop and the pot handle so it can’t slide off for minimalist carry outside of a bag.

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2 thoughts on “Got me a new cooker…

  1. Hal_Chase

    Love this Blog and the detail that goes into your posts 🙂

  2. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Nice! Looks like it could cook up some Chuck wagon stew!

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