FINALLY found a place to get something I’ve wanted for months!

Lately, a couple months, I’ve been looking, trying to get a patch or two that covers some personal imagery that embody some concepts I’ve had in my life, for a while now, oh… wow, almost a decade now, 8 years I think…

IIRC spring of 2008 was the first time I drew up a design for me, using this element/concept; The compass rose. It has been a personal symbol for me, not just signifying finder my way in life physicaly, but also spiritually, and mentally.

So I started a search a few months ago for a compass rose patch. my buddy scbubba was even nice enough to help me search. We didn’t come up with much.

Then, there has been something else that in the last few years has really resonated with me; the line from Tolkein , from the riddle of Strider in LOTR “not all who wander are lost” .

My life is rather a mess from most people’s point of view… I don’t work steady, don’t have a chosen path, neither professionally nor really personally… Compared to “the norm” I’m rather directionless in life.

That line has become my reminder to me that if I’m content with what I do, it’s fine, since no steady direction Is my direction. It’s also my answer to others; just because I’m wondering, doesn’t mean I’m lost without direction, nor that anything is wrong…

For that reason I’d really been trying to get one of the fantastic leather patches with that line on them, that a guy by the name of adirondackwildernessco(on BCUSA, And on Etsy) makes… but they go light speed fast, and for good reason!

So I was looking for an alternative, even looking for a place to have a few made custom… Then a couple weeks ago, I stumbled onto these on Etsy.

It’s a compass. It’s my Strider quote… It’s perfect! Could have knocked me over with a feather when I found these!  Really is almost EXACTLY what I was wanting, and hoping to find or make, both concepts in One patch.

These are from ShopRedArrow on Etsy. They make and sell a dozen or so patch designs, these two shown here among them. These are full embroidered, EXTREMELY well made, solid pieces.

Adhesive backed for ironing on.
Did a package deal, 3 patches mix and match from their designs, one of these for me, one for a friend that is a LOTR nut, and the third, I grabbed this campfire patch that I thought was cool.

They came bundled up in their package(padded envelope ), tied up old school with some string.







I now know how my buddy Bubba feels(he has hundreds, maybe a thousand of them)… patches are adicting…. I have a few more from various places on the way!

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One thought on “FINALLY found a place to get something I’ve wanted for months!

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Those are some great looking patches!

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