Couple weeks of EDC, some happenings, etc.

Been busy. Some adventures, and work days, and with the great weather we’ve been having here, I haven’t felt like editing pics, posting etc for a coule weeks. So its about time for some catch up posts. πŸ™‚

BTW, wanted to give you guys an update on why I have been in and out kinda sporadically online here for a few weeks… One, the cold I’ve had since late Jan, although it is almost gone, has me feeling blah half the time, and I just really don’t feel like posting/typing/talking… :)

On the other hand, when I have been feeling good, I’ve been taking advantage of the weather we’ve been having for about 3.5 weeks; An average of about 30F… For two weeks it wasn’t below about 28F… Average was like 35F. Ive seen 3 or 4 day runs with 40F all day! I’ve seen an official 42F, and where I was, I swear it was over 50F (in the sun) that day! All in mid to late Feruary in interior Alaska. UNREAL!! ;)

(serriously, warmest winter on record since they started counting in 1909… Also the driest on record, with IIRC 52.5″ of snow fall since first snow, and within their official meteorlogical(sp?) winter from Dec 1st to march something, only 2.5″ of that fell… The 50″ is over 3 months old.. ) Amazing (And super epically ironic)considering that for Nov we had a record HIGH snow fall! )

So, yeah, between my new addiction to ice fishing, the perfect spring ATVing weather, various shop projects, and the fact that in spite of the lingering head cold I feel better than I have for 6+ months… I’ve either been too tired to be sociable, or too active and gone to be on the ‘net. :)  πŸ™‚


Just some highlights from the last couple weeks; Didn’t take pics everyday, and some days I didn’t really EDC, since I never left the house.

A Saturday, Feb, the 20th.



A rare carry for me, a lockback, this one a swing guard minus the guard, made byQueen, in D2 steeland Cocobolohandles. SMOOOOOOTHEST lockback I have ever handled, blade is solid,but swings SO free…



Sunday the 21st;






You notice no knife?  I had my old faithful friend, my Case Circle C bluesgreass bone Peanut on me all day… ANd since I was wearing dress slacks, with shallow pockets, it got lost down a friends couch. Where it resided till late on Wed, the 24th, when I was able tostop by anddig around for it(he looed twice but couldn’t find it, I looked everywhere else I could look that I could have lost it that day, and finally went and dug around in his couch myself.)


Ever notice whenever you lose something, its not a new item with no mies on it, but an old friend, with a lot of sentimental vallue and memories attached… Heh. πŸ˜‰


So, that Wed th 24th;






And late that night, I added in a Peanut;




So after finding the green one that night, I ended up having two ‘nuts and the humpback on me at once…  Slightly over knifed…




Something else I’ve lost lately(again!) is my 2nd  Bandicoot 2.5 😦   Still hoping it turns up… In the mean time, the one I flame anodiaed is getting a Lot of use!




Saturday the 27th, range day with some friends.  Left over brass shown.(All of it came home actually, just a few ended up with my EDC when I took pics). 38 spcls, 357 mags, and 45 auto shown… Also had 380 auto, and 9mm on the range.   Great day, got to shoot a buddies new FN in .45(greatest trigger EVER, crisp and light, and no creep or over travel, shortest DA pull ever too… No wonder the thing costs $1600. (yeah, serriously) )

AND unfortunetally a buddy of his had a brand now right out of the box Remington 1911 R1 there. I AM IN LOVE.  The FN had a better trigger, but I prefer the 1911 overall… it was also EXTREMELY crisp and light inpull, and no over travel… Dead accurrate, Great ballance… PERFECT. Absolutely amazing for a bare bones entry level ~$700 1911.  The unfortunate part? I now want one! πŸ˜‰





That Sunday, the 28th.








Church, and then ice fishing all afternoon.  Also a rarity for me anymore, dual Field Notes. One, the yellow is my church notes bookm usual for Sundays. The other usually stays home, my Adventure planning book; Had a meeting at chuch about an upcomming 4 day raft trip in June… took it for notes there. πŸ™‚




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