New items a couple weeks back; More Hanks!

I really do have a hard time justifying the cost of these custom/”hand made” hanks that are so popular now, since a yard (about 45”x36”!) of these materials only costs maybe $15 max, and it can’t take a 1/2 hour to make one… $15 to $20 for an 9” or 11” swuare, double layer, is a bit much.

Then again, Materals costs, time a labor rates and what we pay, and sell most custom/ crafted and limited hand made stuff for never have really added up right…

I think my biggest hang is like for so many things, if I can make it myself, why pay premiums to someone else?  Thus shy I started making knives, beads, ammo… tools… trucks…. Prety much anything I make or tinker on has that in the reason, if not the main reason, it IS a factor. 

So i won’t be spending Much on these things.  In fact I have a stack of materials I bought just for doing this a while back, sitting here waiting for me to get around to it.

And I guess thats the key… Having the skill and tools to do it gets me above the average Joe that wants some of these… But having the time, or not being too lay to do it is the next step…   Its basically, whats your time worth, compared to what the item is worth.

For $20 each, no way, I’ll wait and make my own.  Same for the $12 to $15 I paid for the first ones I got. 

But these new ones were on clearance sales for $8 a pop.  Yeah.  I’m lazy enough, that that is cheap enough to just go ahead and buy them, and not bother to find the materials at the stores(more time and effort to add in), and make them.

So anyway, philosofy aside;

I got these two REALLY SWEET hanks from Heart Hanks on Instagram.  Great Lady to deal with, fast simple transaction!  VERRY well made, (honestly, I’ve little doubt they are worth the usual asking price(around $12 or $14 each as recall…) Good materials, good weights, well put together.   

Those that really know me won’t be surprised by the paisley one in PURPLE. 😉 😀  ANd the other is a gorgeous pattern as well, the fall leaves I thought would be fitting for outdoor adventure days.

Purple Paisley has a somewhat mottled blue backing; 



Fall leaves has a burnt orange and goldish white/grey vine patterned backing;




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