Fish report, 2-13-16

Got me some small king salmon!

Biggest one shown here is about a foot long.  My buddy caught it, my third was a little shorter like the bigger of the other two, but they got mixed up in the cooler at the lake, and when I was sorting them, he urged me to take a bigger one home instead… I didn’t argue much 😉


Also, the knives I used, a Queen bonestag and D2 toothpick, and my CV Case Sodbuster.  The queen I dedicated to my fishing kit last year, since it resembles a folding fillet knife, so it wasn’t really pocket carry, but if I’m fishing its there…  But it wasn’t as sharp as I thought it was, and other than cutting gills to bleed the fish out at the lake, it didn’t get much use… it took the head and tale off of one, but was too dull to slit the bellie for cleaning. Good thing I’d taken the sodbuster! It once again went through them like they had greased zippers in them!


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One thought on “Fish report, 2-13-16

  1. Nice catch!

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