A little catching up… I’m still here.. Really!

Its been mentioned to me that it lookslike I’ve gone into hidding or something, no posts here for a couple weeks, and also those that know me closer, no texts, and no posts on the forums…

No posts here has been from no energy to work on things, and having not EDCed anything for a while; The day of that first ice fishing trip in my last post, I got too cold, and got a BAD ear ache the next day… And all of that week. And the next week. for a while it was excruciating, pressure and pain like my head would explode. Then it eased off for a day or two, and I got stupid, and over did it in the cold again. That was Last Monday. This last weekend it eased off again and after two weeks of doing literally nothing I went ice fishing again.. No pain in the cold that day, and verry little since..  

Its alomost gone now, with only light pressure and a occasional ringing in my ears. Not 100% gone, but enough that I’m living again.

No posts on forums was partly that and partly my being fed up with forum politics… EDCForums decided to do a heavy handed rule enforecment a few weeks ago, that resulted in a lot of member banning, flame wars, and about 1/3 of the membership leaving for another forum… Including 90% of the people I enjoyed the place for. But I’m too busy, tired, and stressed with reallife looping meout the past few months to really care much for trying to move into a new cyber home… One group of members even started a 100% New forum…  EDCF was my excape from the real world, and now its no escape, and I’m not comfortable with the other places. So I’m being quiet on,ine for a bit, seeing what happens, how it evens out at EDCF. Here at some point I’ll start trying to get to know the other places.   

That actually accounts for some of the lack of posts here, since a big reason I post things here is to have image hosting and formatting of my posts on forums.  

 If anything, I’ve been posting on Instagram the most lately since its simple and fast straight from my camera/phone. 

No texts lately has simply been not feeling worth a damn, and not feeling sociable. πŸ˜‰ And in part, with not being on forums, I’ve cut down on my overall ‘net time, and thus time that I’m paying attention to all tech… Been ignoring my phone.

But I’m still here. And now that I’m not feeling like a messy death re-heated 3 days later πŸ˜‰ , I’ll be doing more, and have things to post.  

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One thought on “A little catching up… I’m still here.. Really!

  1. Well, bummer that you were feeling unwell, hope you get back to those Alaska adventures soon! πŸ™‚

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