Some small mail call items…

..from the past several days/week or two.

I got a gift card for christmas, for $25, but the card was an older one that accidentally got mixed in with new ones the person was giving… Not that it was used, mind you, just that it had been activated, then not given. After a year of inactivity it started charging $2 a month. 8 months later I got it and it had $9 left on it. 

It also didn’t have the PIN with it, so I couldn’t use it locally. I registered it with its service online and threw it at my paypal account. Simple.

Then I had to find something to get that cost $9.

You know how hard it is to find ANYTHING that costs less than $10 anymore? Let alone not over $10 with shipping? Or trying to combine sub $5 items and shipping and still stay under $9?? Ugh! This took some work, I can tell you!

Only one item from my ebay watch list came out low enough, with cheap international shipping from china, and one other item I had wanted and had bookmarked, had free USA shipping… With those two I managed to hit about $8.45. Close enough!

The first was this small leather pouch and chain made for pocket watches.




I won’t say it wasnt worth what I paid; It is pretty nice. But it is cheap too. Although, the chain is probably worth the $, so I can’t really complain either. πŸ˜‰ Its not leather, but looks and feels like a pleather. I don’t mind pleather for some things, but this is a bit stiff and a little more plastic-y feeling than I’d prefer.  I’ve no complaints, and it might work out fine, will have to see how the stuff creases where the flap bends, if it decides to crack/tear after some use.  Worth a shot for basically $4, so I’m happy. πŸ™‚


The other item was this colapsible cup; 

They had three sizes, and I got the biggest, convertingthe ml capacity to oz.s first, to make sure it was big enough… I just hadn’t really thought it out, that it would be physically this big! I wanted this capacity, but in my mind the diameter of the thing would have been about half or .75 of this… lol.  Its not a problem, just a surprise. πŸ™‚  





A Field Notes, and my 4.25” trapper for scale;



I had one like this when I was a kid, it was red and plastic, and I always though it was the coolest thing. Lost it long ago, and for year every time i came across one of these stainless steel ones online I’d want one. Just never got around to getting one. 

These were once a really sweet idea, for a travel cup, since not Everything could be had in personal size 20oz bottles, or 12 oz(or smaller) cans, like it is now. Now you just buy or pack the small spersonal sizes.   Then, if you wanted a drink it was either drink from the gallon or bigger container, or find a cup… So for travel, having your own cup, and a compact packable one, was reat.  

Its nicely built, the lid fits pretty tight, although I might make a strap keeper or pouch for it just to be safe(the ring/chain on it attaches to the lid so if it does come apart, you lose the cup. Although practically speaking, the lid would make a decent cup in itself!) 

Its well fit in the colapsible sections, comming together tightly and easily, but also colapsing down easilly. 

The next items were not from the gift card events, but wre simply something I had wanted, and sonce I had a few spare $$ in my account I went ahead. 




Its a patch from American (thats a forum and organization for outdoor explorers, adventurers, travelers etc. Lots about trailer travel, cross country, and round the world exedition type trips, and hiking/camping too. But on the everymans level, not the rich world adventurer like it sounds… although there are some high dollar gloge trotting stuff there too.)  It all embodies sort of a “Get out there and do it!” mind set, thus the “Travel, Explore, Live” on the logo/patch. Seemed to fit into what I do and aspire to do, so I figured I’d get one first chance I could. πŸ™‚   

They have patches and stickers… I ordered a patch. And they threw in two free stickers! at $3 each to order, they just sent me $6 back!  Not sure who on that end decided that was good business πŸ˜‰ lol With the patch only being $10, and shipping $2, I made out great, getting $16 in gear for $6!!  Regaurdless of costs though, And they probably really don;t care about it that much, its sweet to get the freebies, a cool gesture on their part. πŸ™‚        (Unless of course it was a mistake in order processing and they didn’t mean to do it… AND I Will contact them and make sure I don;t owe them for the stickers!)     


The patch came with hook velcro on it, and a circle of loop side velcro stuck to that, I assume so if you don’t have a place with velcro already on it, to put it on, you have a section that can be sewn or glued on… Might also be for keeping the hook stuff on the patch from collecting lint/debris etc like the stuff tends to do if left open. Either way, its a nice touch! 

I had intended it for the front of my notebook cover, where I have added a small section of industrial strength adheasive backed velcro for patches.  So thats where its going for now, giving my wallet/gas tank ballance guage patch a ”rest”.








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  1. That’s a nice looking patch.

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