Saturday winter adventure(and carry)

Last Saturday’s outdoor adventure carry;


And the adventure;


Weather was soposed to warm up Sunday to the 20s at least, so I’d planned to get the quad out for some fun… But the cabin fever got to me Saturday, so I braved the -2F and went ridding anyway.

Kawasaki quads sure are cold blooded, but it’s amazing what starting fluid can do!

It’s gotta have a carb fuel issue on the idle circuit, cause it started way too easy with just a tad of the ether…

Better than it did in summer, and it was -2F! Hard starts, and crappy idle without help; needs a carb cleaning.

Gotta get my tires fixed too, 3/4 go flat if it sits a day, 1 will go flat in two hours ridding… Bummer since I just paid to have these mounted last fall and they immediately leaked…

Overall a good day though, and some fun ridding, the first time I’ve had this wheeler into the deep snow since I’ve had it. Got stuck too Deep snow was fine, but getting back up out of it onto the hard packed trail 2′ higher was “interesting” Slight lack of traction cutting gard pack up hill (like straight up )

Cold is the word for it though! I’d forgotten how cold quads are in the winter! Ya never realize how warm it is on a snowmobile with the windshield, or even without one, as your behind the motor/hood, and it shields you. Plus the wind blows heat off the motor back at you… Not So on a quad where you above the motor and lose the heat behind you, also being above 90% of the fenders and cowlings, your Really exposed to the wind… Gotta get me a windshield!

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  1. Nice adventure!

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