Notebooks for 2016

Went through the other day and organized my Field Notes and Word. notebooks adventure logs for the new year.


The top row, the 8 I have in use, left to right, 1 graph, and one ledger from last years ambition edition in my leather cover(each about half used, so I have one books worth on me, ledger for lists, graph for notes) for general every daye life to-do and notes.

Then a expedition edition for EDC duty on wet/snowy more extreme days.

The yellow Alaska one from the state fair set for church sermon/bible study/prayer notes, and it’s brother the red Alaska edition for planning my outdoor trips/adventures.

An ambition planner lives at home as a fast easy journal of days events.

The Bradley Mountain/Word. Adventure Log, for recording those adventures and trips . And last but not least, the birch version of the Shenandoah edition, that I somehow tore into while carrying (like someone started to tear it in half), it’s now a little slow/hard to flip through, so I really purposed it for home shop project use.

Middle row is what I have left in untouched reserve; A couple from the Shenandoah set, a couple Adventure Logs, a Expedition, and an Ambition planner.

Bottom shot is the pocket wear on my first two used up from the Ambition set. They really do hold up pretty well to bate pocket use, that’s about 4 months of jeans back pocket carry wear on each of those!

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One thought on “Notebooks for 2016

  1. Nice way to stay organized!

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