I must say, So Long, Farewall and God Bless You, to a dear friend.


Title of this post is explained below… Its started and inspired at this time(I didn’t think I was going to post much about this) by a gift that came in the mail over the weekend.


Its a bead made of silver carbon fibre and blue glow epoxy. Got this in the mail from a friend at EDCF… Really touching gift, as a remembrance piece for another friend from there that recently passed away.

Story is that he made a couple of these for a offline friend of his, ans his wife, as a thank you for that friends service; He is a LEO. (Law Enforcement Officer). Its on the concept of “Thin blue line” a term used for those that serve in blue, LEOs, a thin line between the safe world we have and the chaos it would otherwise be, between good and evil.  

Turned out he had enough materials made for a couple extras.

He had sent one of the extras to another guy we know on EDCF as a gift… It arrived just days after our other friend passed away. Spooky. errie. frealy timming…  However you want to put it, it was weird. —Since the maker of the beads did not yet know of the mans passing.   Turned out to be a good rememberance item to keep in honor of our fallen friend.  

After I had made some comments on the forums about that friend, and having known him, he(the bead maker) decided I should have the other left over bead for that reason…

And I will keep it for that reason, it IS a good item to use in rememberance.  Gotta find a way/place to carry it so I’ll always have it on me.

The point being, since I haven;t exactly been clear here; our friend was a long time LEO, and also US military Vet. He stood that blue line, proudly, for much of his life.   He was a gaurdian good, and The deffinition of that blue line, through and through.

I have no idea what he did for the army… in civilian law enforcement he ran the ragged edge of that thin blue line.. Doing the rougher end of drug enforcement. I know he did border patrol for a while. I know of at least one instance with joint DEA and south american drug enforcement agencies, and border patrol where they were door busting drug manufacturing operating in the middle of south america… 

 You know in the movies, when SWAT does door busting, that first guy in after them, but before the area is clear? Or the officer who has the case who is running it that Leads SWAT in? Thats our guy.   Or the guy that spends two months living in a cardboard box behind or in a dumpster in a grimey alley to get the case evidence? Thats our guy.  I know of his having done both of those things within the past year.

Also the nicest, most easy going, give you the shirt off his back, or anything else you need kind of guy that you could ever meet. In the last few months he was taking a lot of his free time to donate to the disables veterans in his area..  A christian, a loving husband and father, and great friend.

Ironically he did not die in the line of duty, but in another fight, against lymphoma… Late august to early Sept. of 2015 it was discovered, already at stage 3. Progressing to stage 4 before the end of Oct, he was moved from hospital to hospice care in early November. Basically Unresponsive from early to mid Nov. onward, he passed away on Jan 6, 2016.  He was 43. Far, Far Too young to go. He left a wife and a 14 year old son, and many, many hearts whom he touched, who will forever miss him.  

God bless and keep you Jason, my friend. You will be dearly missed by many.  I look foreward to seeing you on those golden streets someday.

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