A little winter time prep work…

Or maybe repair work is more accurate. Some prep work for doing repairs, while preparing for the rest of the winter? 

lol. Anyway.

Another thing I did Saturday, was finally taking apart my snow plow hoist motor (it started sticking while plowing a couple months ago, would lock up and I’d have to rap on the motor to get it to let go and run again. Real pain to get out and do between passes… )

(Not that it matters but this is on topic because I used my carried Leatherman box wrench to break lose the bolts, and the 1/4 drive set that’s EDC’d in the truck to take them out. )

Yup, I think it needs new brushes….


Not bad though for about 40 years of use though .


40 might actually be a little inaccurate, but I can remember 20 to 25 years where they weren’t replaced, and I don’t remember Dad ever talking about having replaced them at all before that, or ever… He got the hoist(a Meyers E-46) around/between 78 and 80.. The date on the bottom of the motor from the factory is 11/20/74…

I’d say its at least 30 years. Heck, even the 25 years I personally remember is pretty good!

(for those that don;t know, the motor runs the hydrallic pump that pressurizes the ram to lift the plow.)

I’ve been trying to do an educated guess at a run time that might be on that motor every year, but there are a lot of variables to consider… too many I think. Figure we plow an average of 4 or 5 times a winter for our yard, which is about an acre more or less to clear, and then probably half of the years we did the road, which is about a 1/2 mile. I make probably 40 passes or lift cycles every time I do the yard, probably the same every time I do the road.

No idea what to add for when I’ve hired out to plow for neighbors the last few years.

Each cycle has to be 15 to 30 seconds of run time on the motor under load, heavier load if its colder/the fluid is thicker….

yeah. A lot of run time, even if its in short bursts.

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One thought on “A little winter time prep work…

  1. Wow! New brushes! No kidding!

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