EDC Challenge time again.

So, it’s time again for the EDC Challenge…

No carry change through the rest of January. I’ve done this before, first in summer 2013, then Nov ’13, then Dec ’14. Missed it for Dec. ’15, so I’m doing half of Jan. ’16.

Idea is to not rotate items, to stay with this setup.

I chose these items for these reasons;

I never carry the leatherman skeletool daily other than light no work social only days, and rarely at all for that anymore. But it’s never actually let me down, so it’s getting some time.

Light is actually my favorite, the ti eagletac, best compromise out of my choices for both size and brightness.

Pen is my favorite spacepen.
Lighter I’d the zippo I got this fall, but it’s only had a week or two of carry so far since I went back to the green one for festive holiday color sets. Blue deserves some time.

Same with the knife, it deserves some time. I got this half whittler to be my “perfect” stockman replacement and preffered carry… then got 3 or 4 other knives quickly after, and it’s not gotten to really be tested yet for more than a few days at a time.

Hmm. Forgot a couple items in the above pic;

 Lately I’ve been using the Expedition edition field notes exclusively instead of rotating them for different activities, so I’ll stay with it. And of the two Skar hanks hanks I got, I like the map better, so I’ll go with it.


These items plus some “standards”, and pre approved “add ons”, will be it till Feb. Wish me luck!

The “standards”; The items of my carry that don’t rotate anyway..


Never take the ring off anymore, my tags go on if I leave the house, no exception. Only have the one money clip right now so it goes all the time, and I’m OCD with the gum.

House, truck, and church keys are self explanitory;


The pre approved “add ons”;
not part of my core set of carry, but also get a Lot of pocket time.

Honestly, if it’s winter I’m packing the Browning headlamp, so maybe it’s more actual Every day than my other gear.

If I expect auto work, the knipex go along without question.

Woods days, either motorized or foot powered mean I pack the 3V Bark river Bravo. (Custom scales by me )





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One thought on “EDC Challenge time again.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Will he make it?! Good luck!

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