New EDC/survival kits book.


Been meaning to post this since Christmas, but life keeps being “entertaining”, and I find myself too busy to really post anything important…





A really cool lady I know, also a good friend, (who amazingly finds this blog and the eccentric things I do interesting,) got me this sweet book for Christmas. 

It even came with a cool dedication she wrote in the title page, about trying to find something EDC related, and this was as close as she could get.

At first glance she is right, that this isn’t exactly EDC, but on the other hand, these kinds of kits are meant to be carried or at least close by, at all times, or they’re useless. So it is actually EDC, or anyway it is in part.  I think she hit the nail squarely on the head as far as finding me something interesting on my favorite topic! Actually one of the greatest gifts I got this year because of how much thought went into it.  (not that everything else I got wasn’t really cool, or thoughtful! ) 

Its a good read, its really well done.  not too technical, nor too simplified to be “talking down” to you all the time.   

Honestly, at this point I could probably write a book on this topic, having seen or read pretty much everything out there on personal preparedness and survival training. Or so I thought; I was most pleasantly surprised, that there are some new and interesting ideas in this one, and some cool products mentioned, that I’d never heard of before! 


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