EDCForums secret santa 2015 package!

Finally was able to go get my secret santa package thats been sitting at the post office since the 23rd…

Someone ordered me a cool little home hacks kit from Sugru!


I’ve wanted to try this stuff for a while now, just never got around to ordering any.

For those that don’t know, sugru is a moldable glue. Think silly putty with a permanent bond.  Its a rubber putty like compound in a sealed packet. Open it, mold it to what ever you need, and it sets up in 24 hours, turning into a silicone rubber.  It sticks to almost anything, wood, metal, plasitcs etc, is electrically insulated(says 24V max for safety), will withstand 356F and -58F, dishwasher proof, UV resistant… 

Only downside is it has a shelf life of 13 months from the date it was made, and the packets have an experation date marked on them. These say Jan 2017. Also says you can store it in the fridge to extend that life. Which is great, means it doesn’t mind the cold, and I can store a packet or to in the truck/ my work tools!  (need to find out how cold it can be to setup/cure)

Whats in the box is a idea/project booklet, and a small rounded Altoids like tin of goodies.







It has a couple lego plates, a couple magnets, some rubber bands, a washer, toothpick, and FIVE packets of sugru, in different colors! (I think the misc small stuff was soposed to be pressed into/held by the cardboard pieces so thats what they’re there for).

And in the bottom of the box is two tenis balls and a small roll of white masking tape.



So, the general concept of this kit is for home repairs and improvements or “hacks”. The book has some cool ideas, that I might post more about later(gonna try a couple).  Why tennis balls you ask?  Good question! One of those project ideas is a shoe holder… You glue the two tennis balls to a flat wall surface, and then hang the shoes by their heel/shaft area, over the balls! Brilliant, really.  

MacGyver would have Loved this! And I certainly do too!


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One thought on “EDCForums secret santa 2015 package!

  1. Wow! I’m looking forward to posts on the projects!

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