Is it still spring cleaning if I do it in December?

Hmm..I didn’t think so either..

Either way, I had to par down, and clean up my gear storage shelves again. Mostly a sorting and putting away of excess knives that I’m not using.

Went from this;



being on ONE of my little shelves,

to this;



Down to only what I’ve bee rotating the last couple months, and a few others in the same size range of those.  Therest go back into deeper storage in my big gear chest. I do this every few months. As my tastes and needs change, things progress back to these shelves from the chest.

Some detailed pics of some that got put away;

Too modern;



Too big;




Not my style, or too specialized;




WAAYYY too big for my standars lately;



Fixed blades are now waiting for hunting/hiking/camping season to roll around again.





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One thought on “Is it still spring cleaning if I do it in December?

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Way to get organized! I can see how rotating through a few knives could start to pile up on the proverbial “nightstand” or shelf.

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