Another little project I remembered that I had.




Its a Camillus #44, a Peanut.   Its Old. Its Carbon. It had shrinking yellow celuloid on it when i got it off the ‘bay several years ago with two broken blades, and as I recall the center spring pin was already missing then.

I had asked around trying to find replacement blades for it, and a knife modder I knew sent me a set of Case blades… Thats the deal where the guy misunderstood what I had, and how I got those Case Trapper blades shown a few posts ago. 🙂

I re ground the main blade to a wharncliffe then. and somehow the project got shelved.

Its in really good shape overall, just needs some grinding, polishing, and cleaned up… And some new handles obviously.  At least this one won’t need taken completely apart and then re-pinned!  I’ve only ever done that with one knife this small before–a Camillus #26 stockman in fact– and pinning and setting the action on this small of an action is a real Bear to do! 

Any requests/ideas on handle material? 🙂

(Really, I have a hard time deciding these things. I’m in most of these things for the doing, not the end product. So designing the final product can be hard to get into… there are exceptions, like that damascus trapper that i intend to carry and use a lot. But even there I only know what I want in concept, and deciding on specifics is hard to do..) 

All I really know on this one is that it will end up wharncliffe main, with a pen blade secondary. And even if I clean the oxidation/corosion from the celuloid off the back springs(its really smooth, and hasn’t progressed/rusted any in years its been laying, I might leave it if I can fit handles without hurting it), I like the blue look, so I’ll be blueing the springs, and probably the blades to match.  

And I know I’ll either cross drill the rear end, or replace the rear pin with a tube, so it can take a ring for a fob/lanyard. That is SO EPICALLY handy on my Carhartt peanut!



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