Damascus trapper update 2

Sort of.  No work has been done…

The holes on two of the stock liners are a bit wallowed out from previous disassembly, so I need to make new ones. 

Trying to decide on copper or brass liners, coper bolsters, or no bolsters, and which handle material, the copper swirl acrylic, or the camel bone…  And if the Acrylic, whether I use the side edge “lines” view up, or the flat ribbon side.















Learned that flattening copper pipe out while relatively easy, is Impossible if you want it Dead flat. I’d need a press, preferably with a roller system on it to get this flat enough…  Luckily I do have other copper sheet. Just not a lot of it, and its a bit thick for what I want here (I think).



Then again, I have two sets of blade/spring to do, so no matter what I pick, I can always do the other combo too. 😉

But I much prefer the clip blade to the spey for use, so thats the knife I’d use more, I want to get the “right” combo of materials on it..

Any thoughts or input welcome. 🙂

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One thought on “Damascus trapper update 2

  1. I vote for the Copper swirl acrylic, swirl lines up! That stuff is sweet to look at! Maybe you should start a poll on one of your sites!

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