Week of Dec. 1st onward, so far.

Lots going on. Well… Not more tha average this fall/winter really.  Along with a few shop projects starting(pics/reports soon), I got a broke down truck again, running out of fuel oil and having to split firewood(no, none spit ahead of time/in reserve. Oi. Yes poor planning. Sort of. I’m just still about a month behind, thats all.   ), and ironically the weather has chosen this week to bottom to 0F to like -10 forcasted. lol. 

The Adventure called Life never stops, huh? 😉

Could be worse. It could be snowing again. (plow is basically busted again too. Yes it was busted last week… I fixed that. This is new/different. ) 

And a buddy of mine is hinting about going Buffalo hunting. Heh. Why can’t hunting trip ideas come up when I’m NOT as busy as a one legged man at a butt kicking contest? 😉


Lol. Its all good. If life was simple, we’d get bored, Right?  ðŸ˜€














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One thought on “Week of Dec. 1st onward, so far.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Yah, don’t want you to get board in the winter… might develop cabin fever! 😉

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