Still the same.

More or less.



Used the utility knife from my truck today… first time its actually been used, after ridding around all summer, and going on a couple hunting trips too. Its actually a bushcraft.field knife, but its WICKED sharp, so I keep it in the truck all the time.  (Mora Companion in laminnated carbon steel)


Went through 5/8” spec. heater hoses like the proverbial Hot knife through butter. All I gotta do now is find a way to remove the antifreeze/glycol from it… (antifreeze can be a real bear toget off of some things, and I have a feeling that plastic/rubber handle might bo one of those things. Just because it mixes well with water, doesn’t mean water will always wash it off )  But better this knife than the slimline trapper I had in my pocket… washing the glycol out of that trapper would be worse. 😉




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One thought on “Still the same.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    I guess that would be harder to wash out of a folder!

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