Ooodles of ammo, broken equiptment, plowing, turkeys, and mini blizzards…

Otherwise known as a normal thanksgiving weekend. 😉

First name brand US made .22 ammo I’ve seen in over a year, and the first CCI I’ve seen in at least 3 years!!

A little expensive at 300 rounds for $27. But ANY reasonably afforable .22 ammo is better than NO .22 ammo. Yes, this still falls into reasonably affordable.  Its actually substantually cheaper than what I paid for Augilla(or however its spelled) a couple months ago. CCI at $27 for 300, is $54 for 600. I paid $50 even for 500 of the import.  The import might shoot fine, but I have no idea of that… it was a gamble. The CCI I KNOW is great ammo. Win, win. 😀





My carry for a couple snow days, and plowing snow, fixing trucks and equiptment, and basically what I had on me(it was a little different but not much) for Turkey day dinner paty at a friends place.















My Citizen Eco Drive Diver serving me well in the dark on a late night project;


Love! the lume on that watch, it glows for HOURS in pitch black.(IF I’ve been wearing it out in the sun all day first… must admit I cheated and used a flashlight on it before this pic… But I’ve previously had it glowing brighter than this 8 hours after its last ray of sunlight. As I said, LOVE it. )



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One thought on “Ooodles of ammo, broken equiptment, plowing, turkeys, and mini blizzards…

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Can’t beat a watch that you can see in the dark!

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