EDC, Blizards, and Crosses, Oh My!

Otherwise known as pocket dump pics and trip reports for 11-21-15, 11-22-15, and 11-24-15.

Saturday, adventures in chuch cleaning, driving around in a mini blizzard, and crawling around in 6” of fresh snow under a truck(checking the driveline, my 4 wheel drive is acting funny);






From Sunday, slow easy day handing out with friends after/between church services;










And, then Tuesday, out driving around in a BIG Blizzard, and adventures in Religeous Illumination(putting Christmas lights around a cross 😉 )









A buddy I was helping figured that out, its the rope style lights, tucked into a channel thats around the cross on the sidding, he figured that if we tucked the light behind into the channel, it’d do this back glow, and hide the lights at the same time… As you can see it worked FANTASTICALLY!  

I really didn’t do much other than stand around and kibitz,and supply flashlights for stringing extention cords…. about 3000 fracking feet(OK, about 100 feet) of them since the only plugs on the building are on the OPPOSITE end! But yeah, don’t give me any credit in this beautiful sight, he did all of the work. 

Actually, He(God) should get all the credit here for allowing us to be able to do it.



Some blizzard driving…  Got a bit thick out there. Some times like these I wish there were street lights on more than this 1/2 mile of my 20 mile drive between home and church/town etc. 😉  (Actually, it depends on the storm… sometimes its a lot easier to drive in this stuff in the dark than in the light.)





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2 thoughts on “EDC, Blizards, and Crosses, Oh My!

  1. And it was ONLY three extension cords! 😀

  2. Yes, to Him be all the glory!

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