Holiday Knife time.

Its getting to that time of year, so I got out my holiday knife.


Case red Christmas Tree bone Mid Folding Hunter. in TrueSharp Stainless.

These were a limited run in thechristmas tree bone, of 300 knives, made in 2003.  I got it in a round table knife trade (everyone puts their name in, names draw randomly to a list, 1st  guy sends to 2nd, 2nd  to 3rd, etc, last guy sends to the 1st..) in about 2006.. Was my first Case knife actually.  

I had it about 2 weeks max, then modified the snot out of it. These come with a non removable pocket clip, and a liner lock along with the normal spring action. I took it fully apart and removed the lock liner and re-assembled it. Also ditched the clip.  And, I reground the blade, to a full flat grind, run to a self edge (no secondary bevel).

All great improvements, but I still can’t seem to get along with that funky clip blade with the extremely long fine point.  It looks funny… It works OK but… I dunno. Its not just the looks, but I can’t put my finger on the reason. Just not my thing I guess. 

I actually always LOVED this frame shape in this size, having always wanted one of the original Scrades in that shape at this size, so I always thought it was the blade in this one that I disagree with… But earlier in the year I got a newer version of the Schrade…. And it doesn’t agree with me either, and it has a normal shape clip blade in it.. Maybe this handle frame is what puts me off…


I dunno.

Like I said, Just not my thing I guess.

So, anyway, I keep it as a holiday knife, since it is Christmas tree bone, I use it around the house through December, and use it at Christmas for packages, boxes etc.




With my peanut, and the new slimline trapper for size comparison.




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One thought on “Holiday Knife time.

  1. A knife for each season? Do you have one for Saint Patty’s day too? 😉

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