Re-ground mini trapper, 1.0

15 min in the shop got me a nice sheepsfoot utility blade, a slightly tighter frame, straighter bolster, and a drop point out of the spey secondary blade.

The frame/liner gap is still there, although a bit less, but since both blades are good and tight with no play, I’m going to leave it. Tightening it fiurther would probably take a full tear down and re-assembly, and its not that important to me. Its basically an asthetic point now, and on a working knife, I don’t care enough to do it.  It’ll get a little tighter if I pein and blend the pin back in, which I’ll do one of these days soon.

The blade is perfectly fine with the pits in it for a user. I might take it to the grinder and take the whole blade out thinner with a full flat grind to take some of the pitting out. Maybe. Not sure I want the blade any thinner, or if I want it left thicker/stiffer.

The scales are getting darker the more I handle it, probably as it takes in oils from my hands. If you get it wet they get great color and sheen, but dry they are verry matte. SOmething has dried the bone out too much i think, or taken the glaze/shine off them.  I’ll try buffing them with a polish first, then maybe an oil bath, some older duller bone takes that to shine up.   Or I might leave it to shine up with use/handling.











Damp to show color;






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2 thoughts on “Re-ground mini trapper, 1.0

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    You’re right, damp it has a lot more color.

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