Other project trappers.

The Mini project reminded me, I have two other trappers that I never finished.

The first is a Bear MGC. brand 4.125” standard two blade model, in carbon damascus blades. It was the first slipjoint I got when I started into folding knives, about 9.5 years ago(summer 2006).  Carried and used it a lot that summer, this sucker opened a LOT of cement bags pouring the footing for our garage that year.  

But I was never real enamored with the imitation stag handles on it(took until verry recently for me to like the stag look much at all other than Very specific specemins). First I simply re ground it to smooth white bone, and amberburnt it. But that wasn’t me either.

Eventually as I got other knives to use, and started moddifying folders, I got some nice stabilized camel bone for it, and took it apart to be re done in that bone, and copper bolsters.  That was around mid winter lat 2006, or maybe spring of ’07…  Its been sitting around since;







The other one I have is a Case, in stainless steel, from 1975.  

This I got as parts, just springs and blades from a guy on a knife modding forum, circa 2008…  I had gotten an old Camillus Peanut with a broken blade, and had asked around looking for a blade to fit it.  The guy I got this from misunderstood what I had, and thought it was a 4.125” trapper I had with a broken blade, and sent me these parts.  

After I got them, and we got on the same page, he refused to take them back, let me have them anyway.   I had intended to make liners and assemble it, but have never gotten around to it.  (liner in the pic is one I kept from a Rough Rider importi took apart to mod once, kept with these parts as a shape template).




Think maybe I’ll work on these in the next few weeks, see what I can do with them.

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One thought on “Other project trappers.

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Some good “long winter nights” projects. 😀

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