Simple day resting and recuperating.

Haven’t done muchthis week, I got hurt fooling with something Tuesday, twisted the snot out of and pulled a hip… So no EDC lately, just been resting around the house. But I had to get out of the house today, was goeing stir crazy. And I had incoming packages, so I went to get the mail. A simple task, for a few minutes, but ya never know what might come up around here, so carry was a little more than simple. 😉




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2 thoughts on “Simple day resting and recuperating.

  1. Yeah, gotta watch out for those moose ninjas and mailboxes that jump out into the street in front of your truck! 😉

    • I’m actually usually making sure I’m prepared for guys with the surnames of Alcorta, Glass, and Howard, among others, who randomly call and rope me into “Interesting” happenings and Adventures.. 😉


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