New project knife.

Had been wanting one of these 3.5” mini trappers to try. The 4.25” version of which I’ve had several over the years never really agrees with me. Figured I’d try the smaller one. Found this one at a good deal at auction, used and abused. 

My winning bid was around $12. 😀  For comparison, a new one would set me back about $40. Not expensive, but where’s the fun in that? 😉

Tang stamp dates it to 1998. It’s had a rough 17 years.. 

You can see the shield hase moved in the handle scale(although, possibly a factory defect, considering the large pocket around it…)  The front side pivot end bolster is turned slightly, there is a good gap along the back at the pivot end, and of couse the blade has been I think broken and re-ground.  The pivot pin is visible in both bolsters.. The spey blade sits crooked when open, and has been convex sharpened(no problem there, several of my knives I’ve convexed the edges).

I think the story goes that some idiot used that main blade as a pry bar, broke it, and in the process spread the liners/sides, eposing the pin in the bolsters, and tweaking the one bolster on the liner. Also proable tweaking/bending the pivot and canting the spey blade.. They then pressed/squeezed the end together again, or the natural tension returned it to this point.  And the blade was re-ground roughly. 

Also though, the pitting in the blade is deep, and rounded… Like its melted in. It looks like spatter type pitting from electric arc welding, like the blade was welded on. Broken blade, welded(or attempted to) back together? I hope not, it’d obviously ruin the heat treat/temper!

I will either;

Re-set the pin and true the liners as much as I can, re grind the blade, probably into a sheeps foot utility blade.


Fully take it apart and re assemble making a single blade knife with just the spey blade.

Haven’t decided yet.
























Its really a nice size, has a great feel in hand, just a little shorter than my half whittler.




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One thought on “New project knife.

  1. Looks like a great project to work on!

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