Custom knife; Peanut with a bail… sorta.

So, for a while I’ve wanted one of the Peanuts that Case makes with a bail on the end for attachment tot hings. I could use it with my light on my neck cord, or more recently, for putting on the 2nd  chain of a double albert watch chain.

But they’re hard to find anx expensive little buggers!

So. Enter the callipers, a sharpie and my drill press. 😀




Careful measuring of the spring location, and where the tip of the edge of the main blade sits, some marks, some more measuring… pick a small bit. Drill. Pick a diamond burr since you miss measured and hit the spring… Anfter breaking the diamond bur and digging it out, get a Carbide bit and go at it, even if its a Big hole size now. Perfect.

Dunno what they treated those speing ends to but the carbide bit wouldn’t bite in and go through! Bit unfortunetally walked over sideways While In the bolster… Then went through the edged of the spring. (in defense of the carbide bit, it didn’t have a good point since I had shatered it once before… but still, it should go through that steel spring!)

A little wallowed out on one side, but it works, and thats what matters. And amaingly even with twice the hole size I intended, and it walking up the frame, te blade still clears the Entire Hole! Sweet!  

So, apply a split ring, and I have my hangable peanut;

(love this shot… the camera was actually shooting through the hole, almost focusing through it!)






If it gets to bothering me, I’ll see if I can fill the wallowed part of the hole with solder…. Might try it even if it doesn’t bother me, I’m currious if that would work/if I can do it. 😉 


Mis and match some clasps and a pocket watch chain, and away we go!



A little more mix and match of hardware, and hereit is with my pocket watch.







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2 thoughts on “Custom knife; Peanut with a bail… sorta.

  1. Sweet! The wallow doesn’t look that big, but if it bothers you, couldn’t you sand/drill it out to make a tapered affect? Like a flush mount screw hole?

    • Hmm, I think that’d look worse, for my tastes anyway. Also, there is part of the bolster that is soldered to the liner, and also the assembly pin for that end of the knife is peined into the bolster and sanded/blended flush… Not a good idea to risk cutting into either with a bigger tapered area.

      (yeah, I got lucky with the wallow/hole I made; I knew where the soldered areas were since they showed on the liner inside the knife, but I Didn’t know where exactly the pin was at 😉 )

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