11th, 12th, 13th stuffs.

A few work days EDC this last week. Might have changed a little each day, but this is the jest. Pics from the 13th, fixing the heater in my truck(its been 0F to -15F this week, so heat in trucks is rather important… 😉 Unfortunetally I had to fix it in the cold. Oi. )









Most used tools on the 13th;




Wire cutters on the Vic, and the Peanut was my wire stripper.(no matter how much I use real wire strippers, I still prefer the way my Dad taught me, roll the wire between thumb and knife edge, and pull the insulation off with the edge… Simple and fast. )



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2 thoughts on “11th, 12th, 13th stuffs.

  1. Yeah, you are supposed to fix it in the summer! 😀

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