One more day…

Out getting into snowy trouble. (shoveling driveways and aggravating an old friend)




Must be Winter in Alaska… Got the bunny boots out.




High fashion they ain’t. Warm and waterproof though they are!

 Officially known as;

Extreme Cold Vapor Barrier Boots (Type II)

My current pair is brand new, I splurged and got them a couple years ago. My last pair, given to me by a friend, were on about their third owner when he got them, and were probably Army issue before that… I seem to remember dating them to the early to mid 60s simply by tracing their ownership when he gave them to me. They literally had no tread left, it having been worn off after years of use. They were still super warm, but it was like wearing ruberized ice skates.. 😉

Its in the upper to mid 20Fs here this week. No way I need the suckers now. But I’ve not worn any for a while, and they’re Heavy if your not used to them. FIgure I’ll get used to the weight, and work on finding the best socks for them now instead of later when its already -50F or colder.

If they seem an odd combo with just blue jeans; those jeans are heavy weight denim, and fleece/arctic blanket lined, by Cabelas. My favorite winter work pants short of snow pants/dedicated winter gear. I tend to live in a few pairs of those pants from Oct, to Mar.  

And for the record, FYI, the rated -65F temp that the wiki page states is accurate. I’ve worn a pair at that exact temperature. (with a wind chill that put it at about -120F actually) and had toasty warm feet. 😎


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One thought on “One more day…

  1. Nothin’ like a good pair of bunny boots!

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