Hobo Use Report.

Had some requests for review type info, when I got to use the Case/Carhartt HoboKnife. So, two nights in the last few days, it was used for dinenr at home.


Saturday night, I believe… I tried the spoon with home made clam chowder. Got through half of a big bowl of it just fine. It is a tad smaller than the average spoon, but much smaller than the one I’m used to eating with at home, so I got so far and decided to heck with it, I wanted bigger bites. 😉

 But its comfortable to use, the handle size and angles are good. I’m just used to using a much larger spoon than the average one, so its smaller to me in comparison than it should be… 


And, last night, the fork and knife, and then the spoon too, helped devour filet mignons, baked taters, and salad.




The fork tips are Deff sharp enough, was great for the steaks and salad. A little hard to do the potato with it because it has no curve, so the tater slids off it easier than with a curved fork… Spoon on the other hand was great for the potato. 🙂 

Its a little anoying at first cutting the meat using the fork to hold with; Since it has no curve, your holding it Straight upwards, but it works fine. Just takes some getting used to the angle of attack.  

If the fork being straight continues to bother over time(not likely, its not like I’ll be eating with this very consistently unless I’m camping hunting etc a lot), I’m thinking I could add a curve to it, and carve out the inner side of the green plastic handle to clear it.(would be easy since the green scale is very thick, with No metal liner under it.)


Overall, if you had to use it every, meal, every day for a week, I think you’d want to put a bend in that fork real fast. Otherwise, the only complaint I could see would be the weight of carrying it.

I love it!  It works great, and on top of that its just plain a nifty setup!

I think I’ll probably end up with it in the truck, probably all the time for job site lunches, and emergency use, etc. For the winter I might just throw it in one of my many coat pockets. Dunno yet.  It’ll Deff go along in my hiking/camping/hunting pack too. Some guys would swear at the weight, but the cool factor is worth it for me, over a plastic or even Ti spork..  And if I’m out hiking about I’m already wearing several pounds of firearm anyway… a few ounces difference with this knife in my pack ain’t gonna be noticed. 😉

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One thought on “Hobo Use Report.

  1. Good to know that it stood up to the “table test”!

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