Writting on the wall?

Or anywhere else I need to; Mail call today included a new pen I ordered a while back.

Wanted a second space pen, in a different color to rotate. I had found a great orange and ordered it.  Two weeks later when the tracking number still said “pre shipment info sent” I contacted them. (I was worried after one week but gave USPS and whatever the free shipping rate was the benefit of the doubt.)


They claim USPS probably lost it. I figure either that or They lost it after having the tracking number generated. Either way, they said they’d check on it, and slate another pen to be sent out. Within a couple hours I had a new tracking number. 3 days flat and I had it arrive! 

Great customer service! 

Eccept they sent a red one instead of the orange. I get the feeling they rush packed the replacement and someone made a mistake. 

Like an idiot I closed the ebay claim case when i got the package… Before I opened it. Will remember not to do that again, becasue you can only ever open one case per item. So technically I can’t complain further. If I actually had a problem again right now, I’d be SOL.

So technically I can’t complain further.  Don’t really want to though, I like the red just fine. I’ll go ahead and tell them they goofed again as a friendly FYI, but its fine and I’ll keep the red one.  I’m sure they’d probably offer to swap it, I just don;t wanna bother with it… Or wait for it. πŸ™‚

I had debated getting the red one to begin with, so its a let down in a way, but not real far. 😎

Got a couple clips too. Man, those things fit tight on there! Not gonna worry too much about losing the pen if I ever clip one.(not likely I will, but I figured having the option would be nice). Pics made it slightly pink… Its not. Its like a candy apple red, but deffinetally a Red.






And, you know me, can’t ever leave anything alone for very long;







FOr two reasons… OK three… 1, I really can’t leave anything alone. πŸ˜‰ 2, The color combos break it up and I think are kinda classy. and 3, as you can see, the grip area on the red one is smooth, the chrome one grooved. I’ve thought the chrome one was a tad too smooth even with the grooves, so I don’t think I’ll like the red grip much. Time will tell, but I put together the one with the chrome grip to carry for a while.

Also, a couple differences, the O ring on the red one is a tad smaller, and the red cap has a rubber or plastic grip inside it(the blue bit inside on the top of the pic) that the pen “clicks” into. The chrome one doesn’t have that, its a smooth press in grip all the way. No issues with the red one setup like that… its just different. It does make it feel a bit odd swapping the caps around, but it does work OK.



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