Field Notes Mod.

Had the idea, while looking at one of my older notebooks, a Moleskine Volant, a smaller more of a shirt pocket book, that it’d be cool to have some Field Notes, especially the fancier weatherproof Expedition series in that size. So… I took scissors and a sharpie to one and cut it down. That “paper” is some tough stuff(although bigger scissors would have probably been better. I couldn’t find any. Those are Victorinox scissors modded into the Leatherman though, so you can’t get much better scissors in Any size.). And I butchered it. But it worked OK, and I now have a shirt pocket sized Field Notes.

Should be nice for days where I know I’ll be sitting a Lot… Days like that getting a FN out of my back pocket, and back into my back pocket can be really annoying.





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2 thoughts on “Field Notes Mod.

  1. Handy little scissors! That “paper” is more like plastic!

    • Lol, yeah, it is deff plastic, not paper at all really; “Yupo Synthetic paper, an amazing water- and tear-proof paper extruded from polypropylene” IIRC is polypropylene what blue tarps are made from? 😉

      (BTW, do you get a e-mail notification for these replys to your comments?)

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