A thouroughly Alaskan knife?

Couple more new sharps came in today. I couldn’t pass these up, at great prices.

First up is another Case Peanut. This one from their Carhartt line.   A certain Case dealer has all of the Cae Carhartt lines on clearance, rock bottom prices, so I couldn’t resist. 

Can’t get more American than Case, or Carhartt, and you’d be really hard pressed to find something more Alaskan than Carhartt… Had to have at least one.

I acually had a heck of a time picking a pattern at those prices… but when you get to 10 knives and $300 in the cart, you have to make some decissions– And since I don;t have any kids to sell… 😉

I pared it down to four, and after three days doing that, I went back and a couple of my choices were then sold out…  So, I went with the pattern i knew I’d like and carry since I already love them; a Peanut.

Great bone on this one, a good dark burnt bone/stag look. ITs done in their True Sharp stainless(basically a modified high carbon 420HC), but in what they call “as ground” finish. Basically they don’t tumble/polish them. I had avoided this finish on their more economy knives, since it always looked so rough in sales pics, but it really is pretty nice. Its as ground, but at a high grit, Almost a brushed/satin look. The sharper crisper corners since the blades aren’t blended/tumbled is nice too. Looks “clean”.

Add in satin finish bolsters and its a verry clean, honest, no nonsense, “I’m ready to work” look.

Knife is well built, no gaps, good bone fit, great walk and talk(blade spring pressure/snap).








Carhartt on the left, WR Case on the right, note not only a finsh difference, and the crisper lines, but the Carhartts’ blade plunge line(where the blade grind starts) is a curved tapered drop. The WR Case is a straight plunge.  So, its not just the same parts finished differently, the as ground blades are ground differently.





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One thought on “A thouroughly Alaskan knife?

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Plunge line — learned a new term today! Thanks for the write up! (As I look at the plunge line on my SAK….)

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