Lost pry bar, and a new replacement.

Almost a year ago, I decided to get a pocket pry bar. Soon after, when i realized how useful it was, a friend on EDCForums gifteda Titanium JW Knives Bandicoot 2.5 to me;



While out and about a few weeks ago, I managed somewhere to lose it, and my leathermn wrench.



They went missing some time the last week of Sept, when I was running around getting ready for winter after the first light snow we had.. Not sure what day exactly that I miss placed them or lost them… There was a week or so there where I didn’t un-load my pockets to my shelves every day, just from pants to pants or coat to coat… One day the next week when things slowed down slightly, I suddenly realized I had stuff in about 3 places, gathered things up, and couldn’t find the wrenches.

Took a while to realize I had lost them, I’m pretty sure now in hindsight what day they went AWOL, but obviously can’t be sure.  I’ve searched everywhere that I possibly can search from that week… No luck.

I honestly havn’t really “needed” them for a while, just been missing having them IF I were to be able to use them.. IF I have them, they come in handy.

The ironic part is, the factory made Leatherman wrench will be harder to replace than the custom made Bandicoot.. NOWHERE has those wrenches anymore since Leatherman re-designed the one in the accessory pack those came in… There isn’t any NOS(new old stock) of the old set out there either… Not that I was ever able to find anyway, when I was trying to get a backup in case this event of loss ever happened.(I tried for months to find a backup… I am Positive one can’t be had easily.)

The problem is, regular double ended box wrenches come in combos of 7/16″ with 3/8″, and 1/2″ with 9/16″. All sizes I tend to need a lot, but the 3/8″ and 1/2″ are more common so that wrench really was the perfect combo. (And thus a perfect carry with the bandicoot since it has the other two sizes) Regular wrenches are all so thick and heavy compared to the Leatherman one.

Maybe I’ll break down and finally have something 3D printed, and copy that LM wrench.
Or find two Really low profile wrenches in my tool box, and cut/weld/grind to make one up.


Wondering how much I really like that Ti Bandicoot 2.5?  I’ve already replaced it!

They are out of production, the maker having 99% retired the design in favor of newer styles.(which I don’t like as much), only making one every now and then in a special run of fancier materials(copper, damascus ect) so I couldn’t get one from him. But the timing worked out PERFECTLY; I snagged another slightly used Ti 2.5 on the EDCF Buy/Sell/Trade area!  GOt a good deal too, right at or close to original cost for a new one.

It arrived today!


GOt it on a caribiner again already.


(pic turned out kinda cool I thought! And totally by accident. My camera “missed” on the automatic color adjustments, or capture timing when the flash went off… Thats what I got. I like it.)

Yeah, maybe not the best move, since this method of carry, just clipped to a belt loop has previously lost the tool twice; Once I was able to find it(and if I hadn’t found it that time, I’d nhave not known it was gone, thats how un obtrusive this carry is, I really don;t know when its not there), and pbviously this last time, permanently.

But it is also the best way I’ve found to carry it, and be able to access it, and not have it aggravate access to something else.  I’ll try to compromise, and get a locking caribiner, if I can find a small light one(good wuality loking biners tend to be climbing grade, and rather large).

Now, to figure out a low profile wrench solution.


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