Indian Summer… So, would a long fall be Indian Fall?


It has been mentioned that that term could be taken as racist, and not PC…


I couldn’t care less about being PC, 

So I’ll call it Indian Summer because thats what its always been called… More accurately though, I’d say what we’re having is Indian Fall… Summer is long gone, but late fall is hanging on for all its worth. 

All our snow has melted off again, and its been raining a lot. Last three days have been freezing rain. Tonight;






Gee, Fuuuu——uuuunnn. 😉


No complaints though, I’m Not ready for winter, and it could be a lot worse out there!


Tried to get a shot of the somewhat sillouette effect of the water dropplets after the rain and foghanging on the tree in our yard… this was the best I could get.




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2 thoughts on “Indian Summer… So, would a long fall be Indian Fall?

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Yeah, and then the rain becomes a sheet of ice frozen over our windshields….

    • Thats what you get for getting up in the middle of the bloody night 😉 sun came up and by a reasonable time it was melted off. 😀

      (yeah, ok, maybe noon isn’t a reasonable time but its more sane than 4am!) :-p

      I actually thought of you with that ice this morning… I had to go out and move the truck so the fuel oil truck could get in the drive… Didn’t bother to clear the windshield, so I did it hanging out the drivers window. Remind you of anything? An “Adventure” of ours once upon a time maybe? 😉

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