Field Notes for the year…

Or maybe for a few years actually!






I’m using 1 book in about 3 or 4 months… Or 3.5 to 4 per year. For the last year anyway.. So the 12 I just got, should last me 3 or 4 years.   Not that I’ll wait that long before ordering more, especially since new special edditions of Field notes come out 4 times per year(timed per the seasons), and I’ll no doubt like an edition or two in that time…  What I just orderd are the ones I was currious to try, and what I needed to re-organize, and set up my note taking/journaling etc system. for the new year.

 What I got was the current special edition, the Shenandoa;




They are thicke laminated covers, outer color in leaf colors of three trees in the Shanendoah valley, inner color is the fall color of those leaves. Three different trees, different color sets.   They are nice and sturdy as a result, not really much thicker covers, but a slot stiffer, and the book themselves are overall thicker than the other editions.

Done in graph paper;


Each back cover has info on that books inspiring tree;




Here they are pressed down next to the other editions, you can see the thickness differences;








I also got one set from a previous special eddition, the “State Fair” sets. They did sets for each USA state. I naturally got the set for Alaska. The cover colors are inspired by 1st, 2nd  and 3rd  place ribons, like given at fair events.




Also done in a graph paper.




The next set I got is from the “Expedition” edition, a special edition that has since become a standard offering.  The paper is make from a fancy melted extruded polypropolyne plasic… Its weater proof, almost tear proof, etc. Orange fronts, and black backs, with a sort of enbosed map of Antarctica on the covers.



These are done in a modern progression of graph paper, the dot grid;





The last set I got this time is a mixed paper style pack, from their standard production books, with regular brown covers. Its one each of lined, graph and plain paper.




ANd last but not least, I got a pack of their rubber bands… Or as they call them, “band of rubber, standard” or something like that. A heavy duty black rubber utility band, and soposedly sized to go around one Field Notes book.  




They are nice, but I’ve found them too tight to go around one book without buckling it…  Well, actually, on one NEW book, all but the Expedition edition, it will go around and lay flat. But any book broke in my use and carry, and the more flexible Expedition books buckle in;

Its OK on a new Alaska book, if your careful, it won’t buckle, and lays flat…



But on a used book from the Ambition set(winter edition 2014) it folds right over, the same as with a new Expedition book.




I can’t see using one with a book for long, since once the book breaks in, it will simply do that, and fold it up, making carry a problem.  They are even better on a Shanendoah book, since they are stiffer,  you don’t have to be careful of how you hold it on those, but I have no idea how much more flexible those will become with use.

I’ve put one band around a pack of three books. Trying to see if it lays like that for a few days, if it will take some stretch, or “set” and loosen up to better fit one book.


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  1. Rebekah

    These are really, really cool. Seriously, I want a set now, they would be so great for sketching and journaling in outside. I especially like how some of the sets come with one plain papered one (perfect for drawing in) and lined, for jotting down notes. I’m curious, how thick is the paper/how absorbant? Do you think, say, it could handle a splash of watercolors, or marker? Or maybe just better suited to pencil or pastels?

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