First snow, fall 2015.

About 8” of wet sticky mucky snow came down yesrterday afternoon, in about 4 to 6 hours… It was literally “white out” conditions at times, really socked in. Also poured rain, sleeted, and even hailed once..



Look close in all three of these first pics, and you can see the snow comming down in big fluffy chunks..






Interesting sunset too, sky got peach/pink, then deep yellow, then deep reds and majektas against deep darg grey almost balck clouds… unfortunetally I only got pics of the first part.





First snow day carry;




And, yes, I had an adventure too… in the pics above looking at a road and tire tracks, this is what was behind me at that time;








Made a run to try to get up a friends driveway, and mis judged exactly how bald the front tires were… missed the corner. Ironically, I was headed there to swap out those front tires for the studded winter tires… Heh!  

Ni injuries, and only minor damage(took the pass side mirror clean off, broke the plastic bumper… A little Alaskan engineering by way of self tapping screws, and zipties, and all is well again).

In my defense, I’m not used to the handling of that vehicle, I don’t drive it often, and not on snow for about 4 months…  And no Weston, I really wasn’t going that fast. Really. Serriously.

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