Aaaaaannnnnddddd, IT is;

A ring.




Honestly, the teasing was, well…. wanting to tease 😉  but also gave me something to post while i waited to get better pics in the sunshine… Where i thought I was going to get sunshine is beyond me though. 😉 And I forgot it anyway…

SO, here it is!













Copper swirl acrylic laminated with glow in the dark Kirinite, and then cut, drilled, lathed on the wood lathe, and then the metal lathe, and repeat several steps… Including re-laminating it twice..

But I got it!


NEVER again!!!

Well. OK, Maybe.


But if I do, I’ll have to figure out a better epoxy, and a better system… This was a LOT of work.

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One thought on “Aaaaaannnnnddddd, IT is;

  1. AlaskaLinuxUser

    Looks great!

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